My Favorites 

Im hoping this post gives you more of an idea of who I really am! Enjoy 💩  1. My favorite food: Tamales  2. My favorite color:  Blue and Black 3. My favorite show:  Supernatural (P.S. Dean/Jenson is sooo Hot!!😍)  4. My favorite author:  Cathy Glass  5. My favorite book:  The Boy Who Sneaks In My … More My Favorites 

The Sad Truth 

Today’s post is a little depressing and isn’t long but i hope you agree with me 😘     I’m not sure if you guys know but I’ve been struggling with depression for years and lately it’s been getting worse.  I feel like the picture above represents me completely. My family puts me in situations I … More The Sad Truth 

5 Must Read Books! 

For today’s blog I’m doing my top 5 favorite books that everyone should read! Enjoy 🙂  1. Damaged by Cathy Glass  A heartbreaking true story about a lost little girl named Jodie who doesn’t know wrong from right.  2. Cut by Cathy Glass  A true story of a abandoned and abused little girl named Dawn … More 5 Must Read Books! 


Originally posted on The Forgotten Anon Girl:
Walking with the crowd, I felt lonely. Inspite of the loud music, I felt the silence. I was smiling, But I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t crying, But I was sad. Dressed in bright colours, I felt plain. Even though I was alive, I felt like I wasn’t living.

My Story..

Depression is the feeling of sadness or feeling alone.  This is my first blog and I just wanted to let you guys know my story and my battle.  It started when I was 6 years old. My grandpa who I adored so much turned out to be a monster. I can’t even remember how it … More My Story..