Opinion on Homeschool vs Public School 👌🏼

Hope you enjoy my opinions on homeschooling vs public school! Enjoy everyone 😇 

I’ve gone to public school basically my entire life but just this past year I enrolled to Ecot. Of course it was only for a couple months but still I consider homeschool better then public! 


1. Only 5 hours of school each day 

2. Minimum of hours a week is 25 hours 

3. Work at your own pace 

4. Assistance constantly 

5. More you time 

Even though your not around people as much it’s still good. Testing is the same, there’s clubs and sports as well. 

Reasons against public school: 

1. 7/8 hours of school per day 

2. About 40 hours a week 

3. Work at teachers pace 

4. Less time to your self 

5. And finally depending if your anti-social or not you have to be around more people. 

Now you may or may not agree with me but either way comment and tell me what you think! Make sure to like or reblog! 

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Bye bye 😇 


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