Starting Over 

I don’t know if people care what I write about or even if it means anything. I could just be talking to myself but that’s okay. Just thinking if by some chance that what I write helps someone else is enough for me 🙂 


So I’ll just get started.. 

Okay so for the past 5 months I’ve made a lot of mistakes. I’ve lied so much that I’ve lost my parents trust. I used to be the girl in my family that everyone knew had a bright future. A role model for others to follow. I’m not that girl anymore.. 

The first mistake I made was getting a tattoo behind my dads back. Nothing too big, or anything stupid. This tattoo means a lot to me and my mom knew. I just didn’t care about what my dad thought. I knew he was against tattoos because I got one before this one but he knew. We made a deal on only one. What’s worst is I used the money he gave me to save to pay for the tattoo. I didn’t even tell him about it till someone else told him. Because he’s understanding he didn’t get mad at me. I know he’ll always remember that I betrayed him. 

The second mistake was my first homecoming at my new school. I wanted to have a good time. The night before my dad allowed me to drink so after I got ready I started drinking as much as I could before we left so I could loosen up. I didn’t even think about the consequences if I got caught. On our way my dad asked me if I was drunk and I lied to him so he would let me go. So I went and I had a great time. Everyone thought I was gonna get kicked out. After the dance I heard there was an after party and me being me wanted to go drink some more. I was lucky that my cousins didn’t want to go or who knows what would have happened. The next day my dad told me he knew I was drunk but he trusted me. 

My third mistake was going against my parents wishes. I had a friend who was not the best person and I knew he liked me. I felt flattered to have such a really good looking guy be into me that I didn’t even care about what my parents thought about it. After all that my mom and dad still forgave me. 

My fourth mistake was letting my friend convince me to skip school. We left the building and went to tons of places. I had a really fun time. After that one time it led to another and another. I thought I was too smart to get caught. It got to the point when I didn’t even show up to English for a whole week. So my teacher called my mom and one thing led to another and now I’m failing English because I was stupid. Worst then that I broke my parents trust for the last time. They got tired of hearing my excuses and watching me make mistakes that hurt me that they don’t even trust me anymore. I don’t blame them..

My point is I’ve made more mistakes these past couple months then my whole life. And now not only am I hurting my future but I lost my parents trust and now they look at me with disappointment. I learned from my mistakes and starting today I’m gonna change and prove myself to be the old me. I need to do what’s best for me . 

Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read about my problems. I hope this inspires you!  



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