My Favorites 

Im hoping this post gives you more of an idea of who I really am! Enjoy 💩 

1. My favorite food:


2. My favorite color: 

Blue and Black

3. My favorite show: 

Supernatural (P.S. Dean/Jenson is sooo Hot!!😍) 

4. My favorite author: 

Cathy Glass 

5. My favorite book: 

The Boy Who Sneaks In My Bedroom Window 

6. My favorite band: 

All Time Low or Falling In Reverse 🙌🏼

7. My favorite song: 

Tidal Waves by All Time Low or Hecha Para Mi by Prince Royce 

8. My favorite restaurant: 

Chipotle! 😋

9. My favorite social media: 

WordPress hands down and Twitter 

10. My favorite quote: 

” We All Have Flaws. The End. ” -anonymous 

11. My favorite drink: 


12. My favorite sport: 


13. My favorite movie: 

Instructions Not Included and Cyberbully 

14. My favorite cereal: 

Corn Flakes and Fruit Loops 

15. My favorite store: 


16. My favorite thing in my room: 

Umm my music poster since it describes me perfectly. 

17. My favorite thing to do: 

Some of you might think I’m the lamest person on earth but honestly I’d choose reading over anything 😅

18: My favorite number: 

 Eight (8) because it stands for friendship 

19. My favorite place: 

My dreams because I’m never dissappointed. Everything works out. 

20. My favorite kids movie: 

Most of you guys won’t even know what movie this is but its Page Master. It’s about all these different genres of books helping a boy get over his fears. 

That’s all for today. I hope you guys enjoyed knowing more about me. Give this post a like! Also comment what you think! 

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Twitter: Books_Bands14 

Instagram: Real_Words14 

Bye bye 


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